Howdy folks! Did you miss us?

I can’t believe it has been over TWO YEARS since we last posted some shirts!

Guess what?!?!?!

We have more shirts!

And we have more people and animals around this place!

Pictured above is my other partner, Avery! I KNOW, wild huh? Avery shares our great love of fun tshirts, too. Here’s a fantastic new shirt we got from the Vertex Garage Sale over the weekend. Skotte and I think there’s rats on the shirt, but Avery thinks it’s possums. We will have to ask the designer!

This shirt is from Sister Vulture, who also makes ethically sourced bone jewelry!

Avery is holding a Bride of Frankenstein drawn with REAL BLOOD by BloodWorks Art.

The Pizza Earrings are made by one of Skotte’s nerdy friends, GamerMary. (I just named her that!) Haha!

What else is new?

We have FOUR rats! Two adorable hairless rats named Junglerot Annihilation Reddington (Anni for short) and Dolores Claiborne. We have two furry rats named Chernobyl Bradley Terrell and Edgar the Creepy Groundskeeper.


There’s also an escape artist hamster named Sansa and two BUNNIES (eeeeeeeeee!!!) named Martha and Abby. More pictures of everyone soon!

Anyway… we’re BAAAAACK!!!



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