#7 – Tie-dye #001


Mar 13 2011

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Cori here.

Skotte has owned this shirt for quite a while.  I believe we purchased it at a drugstore in Pennsylvania.  Skotte isn’t exactly sure if I’m right or not.

Needless to say, the colors have held up quite nicely over the years, and the pattern is bright and cheerful.

Skotte says:  I really wish I knew how to do my own tie-dye.  I feel a great lacking in skill and ability.  I’ve heard about people having tie-die parties, so maybe we should do that someday.

5 comments on “#7 – Tie-dye #001”

  1. Hippy

  2. Tie dye is super-fun & super-easy.
    We made camouflage tie dye a couple years ago, and it was SO FUN!!!

  3. We xdid a tie-dye party for Denim’s second birthday party a couple of weeks ago.

  4. […] have several tie-dyed shirts, like this one and this pi […]

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