#9 – National Pi Day T-shirt


Mar 14 2011

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Happy Pi Day!!!


(That’s all Cori knows!)

Skotte used to annoy friends and family by reciting Pi for quite a few digits any time someone said the word “pie.”  Thanksgiving and Christmas were very lively holidays back then.  Now, Skotte recites it but only one or two times.  Just so we remember, and are thankful for it.

This particular shirt was a gift to Skotte from our dear friend PaSSioN.  It came from Computer Gear.  We are guessing that this might be the first “geeky” tshirt that Skotte or I owned, and started us on a new geeky tshirt quest.  Before then, we concentrated on music shirts, tie-dye, and the occasional sunflower for me.

Notice also the Pi Earrings.  You can’t celebrate Pi Day without them!

Being a geek and/or nerd is celebrated more readily in modern society.

We fFly Our fFreak fFlag high on this most holy of geek days!

2 comments on “#9 – National Pi Day T-shirt”

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