#18 – Cowbell Hero


Mar 25 2011

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Focal Length:33mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

More Cowbell!

This shirt is from Torso Pants (now merged with Tshirt Hell).

Most everyone knows about the Saturday Night Live skit involving Christopher Walken and the Cowbell.

Most people know what Guitar Hero is.

The Blending of Two Cultural Icons!

Cowbell Hero!!!

Cori says: In high school, I played a lot of cowbell in the jazz band.  It’s vital to the integrity of the ensemble to have a very knowledgeable, rhythmic cowbell player.  I’m sure I brought the house down many a time with my sweet cowbell moves.

Skotte says: It’s important to rock out!

Take us to commercial, Will Ferrell!

One comment on “#18 – Cowbell Hero”

  1. […] was seen wearing a different cowbell shirt here.  Today’s shirt has a less feverish tone.  Maybe it’s the sort of shirt you wear […]

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