#22 – 256th LEVEL (PAC MAN)


Mar 29 2011

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Focal Length:30mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This shirt depicts what happened in the Pac Man game when you hit level 256.  Meltdown!

But… Listen.

This shirt has HISTORY!

We like to support local music and the musicians behind the music.

This shirt was purchased from Shoebox of Worm Quartet!

Shoebox has been seen on TV, and has performed as Worm Quartet on the Dr. Demento Show, as well as at GenCon Indy, Bug Jar in Rochester, NY, and other places.

It seems that Shoebox recently lost weight (and looks great, by the way) and Cori is guessing this is why Skotte got the chance to add the awesome shirt to our collection.

Also, with Shoebox being such a huge Pac Man fan…  You did watch the video, right???  (Click here!)

We once took Cori’s brother to see Worm Quartet live.  Cori’s brother is in a metal band.  Upon the completion of the awesome Worm Quartet Concert, Cori’s brother stated, “That was too hard core for me.”

Now that’s saying something!

If you wanted to buy your own, you could probably find one at errorwear.

One comment on “#22 – 256th LEVEL (PAC MAN)”

  1. […] Worm Quartet!  We bought a shirt fFrom sHOeBOx nearly a year ago, which made it into the avalanche way back at #22!  Goodness that was a while ago, wasn’t […]

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