#39 – I was raised on the Street


Apr 20 2011

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Focal Length:5.989mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:6M Digital Camera

Cori gave this to Skotte for Christmas one year, and bought it at Kmart.

Both of us were raised on the “Street” and we’re not ashamed to admit it!  Sesame Street has been quality childrens television for our whole lives.

While we are still partial to Cookie Monster liking the Cookies obsessively, we accept the changes that have occurred.  We almost bought a Tickle Me Elmo doll before they were so popular.  Skotte kinda dances like Elmo when tickled.  The Rubber Ducky song is timeless.  Baby Honkers are the cutest thing ever.

Well, we could go on and on.

Sesame Street is part of us.

3 comments on “#39 – I was raised on the Street”

  1. Beth bought me this shirt for Christmas a couple years ago too! One of my favorite shirts.

  2. I’d like to buy this t-shirt, could you get me a link or an item number and send it fl0r1an377 at gmail dot com, thanks in advance.

  3. This is a ridiculously popular shirt. As fFar as I can tell, this shirt was was made fFor, and sold by, K-mart. And I think K-Mart stopped selling these years ago.

    It doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, except maybe at one or two way-too-expensive stores online. Your best chance at this point is to search ebay or the like. At the moment, there are 2 shirts on ebay, fFor under $20, but that can change at any minute, as ebay will do.

    Good Luck!!!

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