#58 – Gardening at Night

This shirt is from Woot.

If Skotte were to do some gardening, it would definitely be at night.  And if Skotte were to create a brand new species of flowering plant, it just might look something like this!

Cori really loves the glowing effect around each “bloom.”

Skotte’s favorite part is Pluto at the bottom.

Is Pluto a dried up flower that withered, died, and fell off?  Or is it hiding in the grass, a sneaky offshoot growing down low, triumphantly beating its own drum?  One can never tell with Pluto!

And now for the auditory portion:

Mercury – Red Hot Chili Peppers and Die So Fluid

Venus –  Bananarama and Frankie Avalon

Earth – Imogen Heap and Michael Jackson

Mars – David Bowie and Bruno Mars

Jupiter –  Holst and Tori Amos

Saturn – Eraserheads and Praxis

Uranus –Vengaboys and Perez Hilton and Djdjotronic

Neptune –Nicole Atkins & The Sea and Jimi Hendrix

Pluto – Björk and Clare and the Reasons

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