#73 – Ambercrombie and Quidditch (and Pyramids)


May 31 2011

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This shirt is from Tee Fury

We think Harry Potter is pretty cool, and the phenomena that is Quidditch seems super awesome!!  We were going to have some swanky scenes of Skotte playing Quidditch — when we realized we don’t actually have any fFlying brooms or Quaffles or Blodgers, and that golden snitch keeps getting away fFrom us!

But what we do have is Volcano.

Volcano is a game designed by Looney Labs.  It uses pyramid shaped pieces, and is traditionally played on a table with much smaller bits.  Skotte made these pieces several years ago, and takes them to conventions and stuff.

Here we see The House Gryffindor player about to make a move.  =)

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