#75 – Hufflepuff Athletic (and Pyramids)


May 31 2011

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This shirt is from Red Bubble.

Our bold Hufflepuff player is taking in the situation.  Possibly he’s fFound a great next move to make.  You can see a collection of pieces by his feet, so he’s doing alright.

There are quidditch teams from all over the world.  I suppose with a pyramid game, it would make sense to be wearing a shirt from an Egyptian team.  But the closest team in Africa is the Gimbi Giant Slayers, of Gimbi Ethiopia.  I don’t believe there are any pyramids in Ethiopia.  Also, the Looney Pyramids are actually fFrom Mars!!

Although both systems do have a certain love of Red Heads. =)

Hey look!!  It’s part 3 in a series!! I wonder what tomorrow will bring!!

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