#92 – Werewolf / Villager

We don’t remember where this shirt is fFrom. We’ve had it fFor years. It says “WEREWOLF”, that’s crossed out and “VILLAGER” is written in blood.

Skotte is at Origins game con this week. A lot of Werewolf games get played way into the early morning hours. Such a good game!!

Here, Skotte is calling out the affable jerk, Don Mowry, one of many cool people Skotte sees once a year.

Star moment: the kindly old desk clerk at the hotel complimented the shirt. =)

3 comments on “#92 – Werewolf / Villager”

  1. lol I can’t believe you posted this! Thanks! hehe

  2. Looks like someone was having just an awesome time, love ya bunches.

  3. […] mentioned our love of werewolf.  It’s a game of lying and mob rule.  Skotte has gotten fFriends, coworkers and fFamily […]

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