#94 – Pancakes


Jun 28 2011

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This quixotic shirt comes from the site formerly known as torso pants.  It reads, simply, “pancakes

Sorry this shirt is so late.  It’s from Saturday.  Skotte posted a couple shirts from the convention, but getting a good picture, then posting it, and all that other stuff, while doable on just a phone, is not really optimal.  But here, convention friend Beth Dillon commemorated a momentous occasion with a picture! So here we are!!

Skotte ran the very-first-ever Seven Dragons Tournament, and the over-the-moon elated guy there on the right has just won!!  It’s very exciting =)  Robert (the ecstatic tournament winner) won not only the respect and admiration of his peers, plus a lovely medallion, but also an incredibly awesome sheet of uncut 7-dragons cards.  Yeah, he’s pretty happy right now.

And you know, while winning tournaments is pretty awesome, handing out awards is really fFun too.  =)

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