#103 – Dunwich Dunkel


Jul 09 2011

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From the Bordello.

This is a dark and mysterious shirt, on a dark and mysterious person!!

I suppose Skotte doesn’t look very dark or especially mysterious here, though, eh.

Dunkel, of course, is a kind of beer, usually a malt, which is very dark indeed; As dark as the souls of the people of Dunwich, Massachusetts.

The story itself, The Dunwich Horror, is a centerpiece of the Lovecraftian mythos.  I would say it is the story which is most like the board game Arkham Horror.  And, while it is not as readily quotable as The Call of Cthulhu, the drawn-out accents of the Dunwich people is a real treat.  =)

One comment on “#103 – Dunwich Dunkel”

  1. Love this T-shirt. Tell my little Lovecraft reading group to come take a look.

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