#107 – Marriage in New York is so Gay!

Marriage in New York is so Gay!!

As of July 24th, 2011, same-sex marriage will be legal in the state of New York.

We are very pleased by this.

Skotte’s co-worker, Chris Bacon (pictured), made this shirt design to show support for love in The Empire State.  It’s a really bright, cheery design.  He’s also got stickers and various shirt styles and stuff at his store.  Good stuff.  Chris wants to take back the concept of things that “are so gay.”  Sounds pretty awesome to us.

Chris is a professional photographer, which is why this photo looks so nice.  He does photo shoots for weddings, and is completely thrilled that now he can do gay-weddings as well.

It was actually sort of weird working with him on this picture shoot, because Cori and Skotte normally just point the camera in the right direction and press the button.  He was very attentive to lighting conditions, setting, atmosphere.  He’s a real pro, and a joy to work with.  I fFelt a little embarrassed that his awesome picture would be on our quirky blog.  =)

Chris is a super great guy, by the way.  Much love to him.  =)

One comment on “#107 – Marriage in New York is so Gay!”

  1. […] the company picnic.  The picture was taken by coworker Chris Bacon, who you may recall fFrom the “Marriage in NY is so Gay” shirt, about 30 shirts […]

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