#110 – They call me… Tim


Jul 21 2011

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Woot!  Hey look!  It’s … Tim!

It seems perfectly believable that Tim the Enchanter might have conjured the Vorpal Bunny fFrom Brimstone and fFire.  That would explain how he knew about it in the fFirst place.  Maybe the whole thing was a big horrible trap!

Maddie and Skotte are seen here looking cool in their Wisdom of the Ancients.

6 comments on “#110 – They call me… Tim”

  1. With having NO CLUE who this Tim is, all I could think of when I read the title of this entry was “Life in Grade Nine,” by Bare Naked Ladies, when they’re talking about all the names they were called in 9th grade.

    “They called me 4-eyes! They called me Fatso! They called me Buckwheat! They called me Eddie…”


    • LOL! Tim is from Monty Python! I don’t know how else to describe Tim. 😉

      I like the other association too… Tim could be a horrible nickname, if your name is Tom or Tammy. 😉 Eddie sounds funny for Ed. Weird. (Unless it was a different “Lady”) hehe.

      Don’t you have a brother named Tim?

  2. And, I’ve said before, and I’ll say again – that puppy is an Aussie!!! (Australian Cattle Dog, that is)

    It’s not possible that she’s not. She looks like someone dipped our Luna in bleach…lol

    • I think you are right… we’ve sort of narrowed it down to: Beagle, cattle dog, pointer, hound mix. She is absolutely so much fun. She makes the weirdest noises though. I worried she’d be a howler, but not really. She’s mostly quiet! She only barks at the oddest times… a whiny high pitched squeal sort of thingy.

  3. How can you know Scott or Heidi Anna and not know Tim?

    Although, isn’t it actually “There are some who call me…Tim?”

    • The wording is probably different. The titles of our posts are the titles of the shirts from the company that makes them (or the artist) unless there isn’t one (but that’s rare).

      Not all of our friends are Monty Pythonites (but there is a great percentage, yes!), lol.

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