#127 – Power Inverter


Aug 11 2011

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

After a string of nearly institutional shirts fFrom woot (we aren’t on their payroll, promise! We just happen to have a bunch of their shirts!), we thought It’s a good time to have an Independent Art Collective shirt about anarchy.

Observe The All-Seeing Eye of Providence, placed at the bottom of the pyramid.  fFreemasons beware!

The Latin reads:

Sine Auctorita – Without Authority

Liberamus A Timore – Liberated fFrom fFear

I notice the second line of the shirt design on the website reads “Vindico Quo Timor,” which is pretty cool.  They seem to have improved their Latin.

I wish I could have been holding a Molotov Cocktail in this picture.  ah well.

A really cool couple of people calling themselves Hungry Knife made it.  I know nothing about these Hungry Knife people, but they do know how to pick a good name.

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