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Aug 13 2011

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Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Somehow this one didn’t get published, despite having written it up days ago.  Sorry!!

Are you familiar with the billy goats gruff?

How about Trolling?  The term originally referred to placing a fishing rod in the water and slowly moving across a lake, letting the fish come to you.  It is, in fact, fishing without any effort.  It’s also a term used t0 describe posting messages on internet forums which are intended to get a quick, reactionary answer.  Like for example, saying “Girls don’t play World of Warcraft!”  It’s a statement which is guaranteed to get a response out of people, and maybe start a fight or two.  No actual good conversations come of these things.  It’s just saying rude things to noone in particular with the hopes of fishing for a cheap response.  That’s trolling.

So here’s this troll, and these goats, and the older billy goats gruff are all unimpressed by this troll — and I think this is a reasonably good analogy to what the story of the billy goats gruff is all about.

And, it’s a good explanation of why you should always be a nice person online, and offline.

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