#131 – The Hills Are Alive


Aug 16 2011

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A little hard to see the shirt, here, but it’s hard to keep your wardrobe straightened when you have a dog climbing your shoulder.

Maddie, by the way, might be part billy-goat.  Skotte is fFurniture, to her.

Sunday, Maddie climbed a tree.  She has done this before, and it’s usper awesome to watch.  But the problem is, how do you get down?  She leaped down before, either to the ground, or into my arms, no problem.  Sunday however, she fFell right out of the tree.  She cried the loudest ever, in that way that dogs can cry and make you fFeel just awful.  She’s pitifully limping around now.  We think she didn’t break anything, but she has an appointment with the vet.  We’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a link to the full shirt image.  It’s clever, and a little terrifying.

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