#140 – Invader


Aug 30 2011

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Skotte is invading your space, as seen here.

Skotte played Space Invaders on the Atari 2600.  You can see what that looked like on this youtube vid.  That really brings back memories.

Interesting thing: The Iconic Alien dudes are not always the same! The invaders have looked like many things, and each game system employs a different set of art.  I have always preferred the 2600 art — you never forget your fFirst — but the Atari 5200 has an attractiveness to it.  Even the Earth Defense Unit looked different on assorted consoles.  The 2600 had that Christmas Tree, while the Arcade console and the Nintendo had a mostly fFlat paddle looking thing.  The Nintendo version is probably the goofiest of all versions of art all around.

A couple years ago, Skotte and Skotte’s dad saw a Video Games Live Performance.  Terrific show by the way!  They do a thing where someone fFrom the audience comes on stage and plays Space Invaders, wearing a shirt with the Earth Defense thing, and shoots at aliens projected on a big screen on stage.  Here’s a link to what that looks like.  A lot of fFun, but I think the system is not as responsive as you might like, so the player tends to lose a lot.

And, no discussion on the subject would be complete without a mention of that awesome 1990 movie, Spaced Invaders.

Yeah, this is another woot shirt.  Sorry we have so many.

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