#142 – Reiner’s Theme All


Sep 01 2011

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This is probably the most subtle joke on a shirt we own.  Here are the facts:

FACT 1: Reiner Knizia is a prolific board game designer.  He has made over 500 different games.

FACT 2: Most board games have a theme, of some sort.  A design or style which helps make the game a little more friendly and understandable, in some way.  Usually this provides some pretty art, and attractive playing pieces.

FACT 3: If you make enough of something, you start to run out of original concepts. If you make a lot of games, you will run out of themes.

The joke is, Knizia has made a lot of games with really random theme that have nothing to do with the game.  As if he glued some theme onto the box.

A good example of this is the game Ra, where players bid on tiles marked with Egyptian imagery.  What does Ancient Egypt have to do with bidding on tiles?  Nothing at all.  But t’s a pretty good game, anyway.

This clever shirt comes from GameInk, which, as we have mentioned before, is defunct.

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