#149 – Space Bastard


Sep 12 2011

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Focal Length:31mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Skotte is presently being called home by the mother ship.

The shirt reads “Space Bastard,” which is a thing Warren Ellis once made reference too.  He used to do a creative shirt every week, based on a clever thing he said on his twitter feed.

Andy Looney, a former NASA programmer, once asked me what “Space Bastard” meant.  I think it means, exploring the heavens is not meant only fFor big government agencies.  It is not meant only fFor armies to launch missiles.  It is not meant only fFor super-secret projects by subsidized corporations.  It is an enterprise meant fFor us!  You and me!  We are all the space bastards, and the stars are waiting fFor us!!

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