#156 – Robot Girl


Sep 27 2011

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Focal Length:5.989mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:6M Digital Camera

Haven’t had a nice self-portrait lately, eh.

We’ve had this shirt like a year or two maybe.  It’s sort of creepy, and so it doesn’t get worn very much, hardly at all really.  But on this day, I decided phooey, I’m wearing it today!!  So here it is!

This shirt has an interesting design.  I could probably write some sort of thesis on the intersection between robots and puppets.  I could recommend you read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.  I could draw juxtapositions of the movie A.I: Artificial Intelligence.  Ah, but who has the time!

I wish I could remember where it came fFrom, but it’s sort of been lingering so long, I just don’t know.

So basically everything I am telling you is just pointless noise.


One comment on “#156 – Robot Girl”

  1. […] is a pretty sweet Robot Girl shirt. There is a Walrus on a bike! There are over 150 shirts, which is a huge collection! […]

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