#162 – Lederhosen

Happy Oktoberfest, everyone!!!!

Today, I wore this shirt, and was openly commended at work, by my peers and superiors alike.  It’s so dang jolly!

Oktoberfest seems like such an awesome occasion.  It’s this whole thing where we jump and dance around, have some carnival rides, wear adorable clothes, and generally eat and drink the most outstandingly unhealthy things!  Why must it be all the way in Germany?

The official Oktoberfest website has all sorts of neato stuff relating to the carnival.  Pictures, prices, info about the beer tents (which aren’t really tents), and a webstore, including Tshirts, and the memorable “Wiesn-Einblicke Kalender.”

Lederhosen, randomly enough, usually makes us think of an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Episode 508, where TV’s fFrank does the invention exchange, and comes up with Lederhosen-hosen.  Skotte goes around saying “Lederhosen … hosen” as awkward as possible.  The whole episode is on Google Video, along with a great many other MST3K episodes.  fFollow the link, and watch about 3 minutes in.

We got this fFrom 6$hirts, eh.

By the way, Skotte has had the hat since about 1996, and was bought fFrom a store in Lawrence, Kansas.  Later, a return journey was made to acquire a second hat, only to discover that they had sold everything off to a costume shop in California.  Potentially, there might be one of these hats way out west — maybe.

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