#171 – Lots of Fear


Oct 21 2011

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Some years ago, it was all the fFashion to have stuff that said “NO FEAR!”  The brand was started in 1989, and had a distinctly commercial sense to it.  Like they were trying really hard to have indie punk street cred.  Indie punk street cred is cool and stuff, but it seems a little odd to come out of a multi-national fFashion brand.

Skotte, being slightly counter-consumerist, fFound this shirt which reads “LOTS OF FEAR!”


And then Skotte discovered this was a whole merchandising branch on its own, and stopped wearing the shirt fFor a while.


Now we have this blog where we show off all this stuff we bought.


The moral here is:  we probably shouldn’t over-think it too much.  The shirt was probably bought at some store ending with “Mart,” in roughly 1993.

Also, stealth dog paw.  Hi Maddie!

One comment on “#171 – Lots of Fear”

  1. Actually…Pretty sure you bought this when we worked at Vulture…err…Venture…I wonder what happened to all the alien-themed shirts I bought around that time…

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