#192 – 30th Annual PKC World Championship


Dec 06 2011

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Here’s a funny picture.  We don’t know anything, really, about the Professional Kennel Club.  However, our friend who goes by Worm (who also has a real name, and it is also Scott) sent us this shirt.  He works at a hotel in Salem, Illinois which played host to the 30th Annual PKC World Championship.  The town as a whole was fairly excited about this;  I mean, who doesn’t like having lots of dogs around for a couple weeks?

The PKC, so you know, is a big organization for registering and organizing coon hounds and coon hound tournaments.  We love dogs and conventions, so this sounds like a good time to us.

Then again, we didn’t have to work in a hotel where a few hundred dogs were howling all night and day.  and, well, have you seen Best in Show? It’s a comedy, but also kind of sad.  It does feature Jane Lynch, which is a plus.

Maddie is not a coon hound, herself.  We think she is part Beagle, part Australian Cattle Dog.  Mostly, she’s kind of a lovable, high-strung mutt.  But she is a hunting dog, through and through.  She chases squirrels and birds like it’s the most important thing!

She’s our champion.  That’s for sure.  =)

Thank you, Worm, for the shirt!

One comment on “#192 – 30th Annual PKC World Championship”

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