#196 – Santa Suit


Dec 15 2011

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We are in full Holly Jolly mode over here.

Yesterday found us at a fabulous Board Gamers Secret Santa Party.  It was the first time I (Cori) have attended a social gathering in well over a year due to my back problems.  I am happy to report fun was had, and my back survived quite well.  I wasn’t an official Secret Santa present exchanger, but Skotte surprised me with a gift of my own – Ticket to Ride Asia!  Skotte received Star Fluxx and Small World Underground from his Secret Santa.

I got a tear in my eye as I watched grown men take turns opening their gifts one at a time.  Hugs and handshakes of thanks abounded.  Those gamers have a lot of heart, I tell ya!  Cookies and candy and desserts of all varieties were shared.  The National Food of Gamers – Pizza – was enjoyed.  And then games were opened and played into the wee hours of the morning.  (I went home early – bed and Ms. Maddie were calling me home.)

This begins our First Shirt of Christmas.  (There will be 12 of course.)

♪  ♪ On the first shirt of Christmas my true love gave to me, a Santa Suit and cane of candy! ♪  ♪

Btw – This shirt is from Tanga.

One comment on “#196 – Santa Suit”

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