#198 – St. Lucia


Dec 17 2011

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In the Spice Rack dot Com is sort of the parent blog to Tshirt Avalanche.  The tag line is usually something about life being flavorful.  The holidays are definitely a flavorful time!  Feel free to click over to see some of our decorations on that blog.

You might not know this, but Cori comes from Swedish ancestry.  Growing up, Cori often participated in the St. Lucia Festival in our city.  She was lucky enough to be The Lucia (the girl who gets to wear the crown of candles) twice!  This is a picture of her from her first adventure when she was 14.

St. Lucia Day is typically celebrated on December 13th.  In Sweden, the oldest daughter would dress up in a white dress with a red belt and a crown of candles, and bring breakfast of coffee and saffron buns to her parents in bed.  The sons are called Star Boys and dress in white gowns with pointed hats and a star wand. The tiniest children dress in red and are called tomte.  Feel free to google for more information and pictures.

Today is the St. Lucia Festival in our area.  Cori’s parents help lead the music, and her English teacher from high school, Nils Caspersson, will be playing dulcimer.


Tonight, December 17th, 2011 at 7:30 PM

Fairport United Methodist Church, 31 West Church Street, Fairport, NY

Admission is free, but they accept donations to keep going next year.

And being as this is The Third Shirt of Christmas – we can’t forget our song!

♪  ♪ On the third shirt of Christmas my true love gave to me, girl in crown of light, a goddess of the snow, and a Santa Suit and cane of candy! ♪  ♪

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