#202 – The Nightmare Before Christmas


Dec 21 2011

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Did someone say “Christmas Movies?”

The Nightmare Before Christmas is such a great movie!  Skotte has a coworker-buddy who really really loves the film.  She made a papier-mâché Jack Skellington, seen here peeking around her monitor.  Pretty danged impressive!  (Also, dig the Alice In Wonderland poster.)

We, too, like The Nightmare Before Christmas a lot.  This shirt is original merch, from 1993.

Music links!

What’s This, from The Film

This is Halloween, performed by Marilyn Manson

Sally’s Song, sung by Amy Lee


By the way, the contest thing to win a shirt is still on.  One entry per person per day, please.  To enter, simply leave a comment below (or on any of the previous Christmas Shirt postings).  The contest will run for several more days.


♪  ♪  On the sixth shirt of Christmas my true love gave to me Jack the Pumpkin King!  ♪  ♪

♪  ♪  Five penguins, The Grinch who stole the tree, girl in crown of light, a goddess of the snow, and a Santa Suit and cane of candy! ♪  ♪

4 comments on “#202 – The Nightmare Before Christmas”

  1. I can’t decide if Nightmare before Christmas is a Christmas movie or not. It doesn’t make me feel Christmasy nor do I have it in my collection. I do really like it though.

  2. It IS a Christmas movie. Moreso than It’s a Wondeful Life, which seems more New Yearsy to me.

  3. How is It’s a Wonderful Life New Yearsy when they’re celebrating Christmas?

  4. […] ♪  Artic Animals, Jack the Pumpkin King, Five penguiiiiiiiiins  ♪  […]

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