#219 – Everything is Gold


Mar 24 2012

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Our love of pi is well documented.  But Skotte does enjoy other abstract irrational numbers.  Phi, the golden ratio, is pretty awesome.  It can be seen in places like The Acropolis, in Greece.  And on tshirts of nautilus shells.  And around pretty girls at the beach (nearly).  And, sometimes, in the stars.

Although a guy named Donald Simanek at Lockhaven University (wherever that is) has assembled a comprehensive list of objections to popular attributions of math in solving the order of the universe.  His page is worth a read, if you are skeptically inclined.  Whoever you are, Mr Simanek, and to all the Mr. Simaneks of the world, we applaud your astute, if zealous, awareness of the universe.

We’re sorry: it’s another woot shirt.

2 comments on “#219 – Everything is Gold”

  1. You know, I wrote my senior thesis on this in college. It’s rather surprising that anyone would create a t-shirt on it, let alone buy one…..but knowing you two, I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • Wow, Katie! Did you really??? We’d love to read it! I (Cori) first learned about the golden mean in music composition class. It’s an amazing feature of existence!

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