#222 – Team Eddard

Here’s a nifty black shirt — you can never have too many nifty black shirts — which promotes roughly two bits of fFiction.  Something fFor everyone!

Eddard Stark, of House Stark, is one of the protagonists of George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones.  We thought this was an appropriate shirt to wear this week, with the start of season 2 of A Game of Thrones on HBO.  Also there’s the Team Edward reference, which is … you know … a different book.

Maddie is our dire puppy.  =)

This is a Teefury shirt.  We got it randomly a while back.

Random T-Shirts fFor The Win!!

Oh!!  Hey!  Remember our last shirt, Gluten For punishment, where we mentioned that the shirt was out of print.  Well, interestingly enough, the day after we posted that, the shirt came back in print!!  And it’s a slightly updated, somewhat clearer design too.  So that’s pretty neat!  We like to think we encouraged em to put it out, but that’s probably not true.

One comment on “#222 – Team Eddard”

  1. That’s an awesome shirt!

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