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Aug 10 2012

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The Downtown United Presbyterian Church (or DUPC, pronounced “doop-see”) in Rochester is, as churches go, fairly hip.  Skotte and Cori don’t go there very often, but it is the place where they got married, so many years ago.  Cori’s great grandparents were married in the chapel. Cori’s grandparents were married in the chapel. And Cori’s parents were married in the sanctuary, which is what inspired Skotte and Cori to continue the tradition. Cori’s parents have been going to this church for almost all of Cori’s life.  Skotte was raised vaguely Methodist, and is more or less agnostic, but appreciates what the church brings to the community.  Lots of social activism! And it’s got a nice architectural appeal.

Several years ago, the church had these really bright green shirts made up.  Skotte and Cori have worn them to things like Gay Pride Parades.

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