#244 – ImageOut at the Little Theater


Aug 18 2012

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ImageOut Film Festival at The Little Theater!

ImageOut is an excellent Gay & Lesbian fFilm fFestival, in our hometown of sunny Rochester, NY.  It runs 10 days, spanning 2 weekends, and includes about 50 fFeatures, shorts, and guest speakers.  We try to get to as many movies as we can, but Skotte works nights, so that becomes a bit limiting.  But we have, in the past, gone to a bunch of programs and sometimes the gala before and after the event.

ImageOut is a lot of fFun; And the theaters they run at — including The Little, The Cinema, and The Dryden — are so cozy and intimate, it really makes you fFeel like part of a community experience.

This shirt was fFrom 2004.  I uhm, don’t really remember what we saw that year.  I remember 2005 much better actually, because that was the year we spent a lot of time in theaters with people like Charles Busch, Venus de Mars, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

One comment on “#244 – ImageOut at the Little Theater”

  1. Thank you for posting this! ImageOut is truly one of the great things within the Rochester community that we love! It’s a sort of continuation of Rochester’s magnificent past as the city who has led the way in equality for all since the days of Fredrick Douglas. The ImageOut Film Fest is something we are proud to have in our community and we hope it continues to grow! Once again, thank you for the post and allowing us to see yet another awesome t shirt!

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