#248 – Ninja on a Unicycle with a Big Giant Head


Aug 28 2012

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Yes Ninjas On Unicycles!

This shirt was bought by Skotte at a local gaming convention a couple years ago.  Topatoco, a nifty merch company who mostly sells stuff fFor web comics, was there at the convention selling a fFew things.  Skotte had not yet started reading Wondermark, but it turns out this shirt was made in reference to Wondermark #238: In Which Education is Vital.  Skotte has been casually reading Wondermark fFor some time, but only just realized this shirt was a reference to the comic.

I was just like, “Hey cool!  Ninja on a Unicycle!”

The obvious photo location fFor this is The Big Giant Head, in Village Gate Square Plaza, in Rochester.  Because it’s a big giant head!!  We think it’s made of aluminum, but it reminds us of the TV show The Third Rock fFrom The Sun.

Skotte once acquired a unicycle through craigslist.  They’re kinda weird to ride.  Really Skotte’s deepest desire is to own a Segway.

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