#257 – Hungry Bento


Nov 15 2012

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Focal Length:30mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Cori made Pudding Pops!!!

These are fFrench vanilla.  They are so much awesome!!

They’re basically pudding, poured into a mold, and put in the fFreezer fFor a while.

As fFor the shirt, It is one of Cori’s fFavorites.  And you can just see a creepy olive through Skotte’s hair.  We had a couple other pictures where Skotte’s hair wasn’t in the way, but this was the only picture where Skotte didn’t look drugged, and there wasn’t a dog trying to steal the pudding.

This is a Woot shirt, which will come as no real surprise to you.  However, what you maybe didn’t know is that Woot has just started reselling all their old shirts, which means if you saw something here on the avalanche which you liked, you can probably get one yourself, now.  We remain a non-business endeavor, and get no money fFrom them or any other shirt seller, so it doesn’t matter to much to us if you go and buy em all up or not.  But, if you are reading this, then you probably also like buying shirts, eh?

Although, some of our weirder, obscure shirts are kind of neat because they are weird and obscure and noone else has them.  So I guess we aren’t as cool if everyone wears them.  Or, then again, we become trend setters!!  We’re the cool kids in class!  Yeah!!!

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