#261 – Celebrate! Celebrate!


Jan 02 2013

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And celebrate we did!

Santa was quite good to us both.  We of course got many new tshirts which we will show off in the days to come. We will also hopefully get to the end of our collection this year!

You might recall that we have a bit of a zebra obsession. Skotte really wants to install this Zebra head on the car ceiling. Cori is not amused.

There was a rumor that Skotte wanted a rice steamer to use at work. Santa must have heard it, too, because this showed up under the tree!

We’re sure that Santa must work at Woot because he brought us many shirts from there.  “Celebrate!  Celebrate!” was one of them.

We do love Doctor Who!

We are festively indoctrinating you into celebrating with colorful flair! That’s the message of the shirt, don’t you think?

We approve!

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