#263 – Odd but Cute


Jan 13 2013

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Focal Length:27mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Hiya!  Skotte here!  Isn’t this a fFunny shirt?  It is Odd but Cute.

The thing on the Left (your left, my right) is a Jackalope.  The other thing is not quite a Chupacabra, not quite a Phantom Kangaroo.  Neither one is a Wolpertinger, though.

I’d like to have a real Jackalope.  It looks like stuffed and mounted ones run $50 to $200 on ebay, which is a shade on the expensive side, eh.

Anyway, the shirt is fFrom Threadless.

This shirt is a little tight, because I was an over ambitious dunce and thought I could fFit into a smaller shirt.  Cori, you were right.  I should have gotten the 2XL (Also known as Gamer Medium).

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