#267 – Matyoshka Doll


Feb 24 2013

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Focal Length:27mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Dan’s Crafts and Things and Stuff and Such and So On is store in Rochester which is an incomprehensibly packed tender box of cool and crafty things.  It reminds Skotte of the song Hardware Store, by Weird Al Yankovic.

Why are we forcing Skotte to wear a T-shirt with a Matryoshka doll, while standing outside the store before it opens in the absurd hours of 7:30 AM, in the freezing cold Rochester Winter weather?  Well, because we didn’t have several more smaller Skottes to stand around someplace warmer with the same shirt in progressively smaller sizes like a proper Matryoshka doll set.  And because we were at the store too early.  And because we are weirdos.

Mainly that last one.

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