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Apr 01 2013

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The metaphor of the rising sun seems applicable on Easter. A new day, new beginning, fresh slate, absolution…  Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Spring is arriving here in Western Upstate New York slowly but surely.

This shirt is from 6 Dollar Shirts. It depicts The Rising Sun Flag.

We’ve had this shirt for a while, but the dog is new!

~ The Story ~

Both of us had a virus last weekend. Consequently, Skotte was sick from work on Monday. Because of this, he happened to be home at 4 AM. We were finishing the end of Parks and Recreation Season 4 when I heard an animal whining. At first I thought it was Maddie, but she was sitting next to me, quiet as a mouse.

My second thought was that I was having a feverish delusion, but I asked Skotte to pause the DVD for a moment. The whining got louder, and both Skotte and Maddie heard it this time. I thought it might be a wandering cat or a bird with a whiny call.

This giant black dog was sitting at the front door!

So, we’re watching him and trying to find his proper owner. We made a poster, put up ads and contacted all sorts of people.

We’re calling the new dog “Gus.” Much to Maddie’s chagrin, Gus has stuffed his rather large behind into her kid chair. Skotte has been playing Dog Politician and Psychologist to Maddie and Gus, and occasionally me. Change is hard but inevitable. Just like the Rising Sun.

For I remember it is Easter morn,
And life and love and peace are all new born. 

~Alice Freeman Palmer

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