#286 – This Quest Sucks


Oct 14 2013

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Skotte regularly plays in a Dungeons and Dragons group with some fFriends, roughly once every week or two.  We play very little actual D&D these days, preferring Pathfinder, Hollow Earth, and Deadlands, but Skotte is looking fForward to D&D Next.

Skotte’s Game Master here was Ang, fFrom Rogue Princess Squadron!

Her article “Your Mileage May Vary” reminds us that just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it sucks.  Well, that’s fFair.

Actually, the quest she has us on is pretty awesome, in truth.  We’re playing a very exciting Pathfinder/Eberron mix.  We’ve been given a destiny, to seek a group of legendary objects that belonged to an ancient set of dragons, thousands of years before the great war between the Rakshasa and the Couatls, before the great war between the Dragons and the Demons.  It’s pretty awesome.  =)

You can get this shirt fFrom Paizo Publishing.


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