#288 – Camisa de los Muertos


Nov 02 2013

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Focal Length:42mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3100

Remember a little while back, when I was strutting around knocking around some trees?  This morning, while I was out walking the dogs in some really high winds, a dead branch fFlung off a tree and hit me in the head!!!

Did you know:  Head wounds bleed A LOT!!  And they hurt quite a bit, as well!!  The actual cut on my head is pretty small, and it hides in my hair so you can’t really even see it.  So basically it’s not much at all.  But!  THE BLOOD! and … !Oouch!

And who expects trees to fFall fFrom the sky?  Durkon Thundershield was right all along!!

Anyway I guess we’re even now.  I took a whack at them, they took a whack at me.  That’s fFair.  I guess.

I sorta wish I had a picture of the blood and trauma everywhere.  It was impressive.  But I was too busy to take a picture, you know, what with all the bleeding and everything.

Happy Day of The Dead, fFolks!!  Today’s shirt is titled “Shirt of the dead” in Spanish.  Woot!  =)


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