#300 – It’s Easy Being Green


Nov 21 2013

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It’s our 300th shirt!!!

Can you believe it???

~ * ~ KERMIT FLAIL ~ * ~

Ok, the obvious things.  The honorable distinction belongs to a shirt from The Yetee.  This shirt depicts Super Mario wearing a Kermit costume.

My brother and I played the first Super Mario Bros game on the first Nintendo together. I never got that far, but it was really fun. I mostly watched him go from level to level. These are really fond memories!  We still have the NES.  Skotte never owned a Nintendo, so we have enjoyed getting it out, dusting it off, and playing it sometimes.

We are huge Muppets fans. Have we talked about this before?  We have, but probably not enough.  Skotte and I both grew up watching The Muppet Show. It is great entertainment and worth re-watching today.

My favorite muppet is Animal. He is one awesome crazy drummer!


And now:


  1. Leave a comment below!
  2. Tell us which one of our shirts is your favorite and why!
  3. One entry per person please!
  4. This giveaway is open to anyone!
  5. We will select winners randomly.  Probably using some dice.
  6. The first winner will get a choice of one of 4 things.  The second winner will get a choice of one of the 3 remaining things.  And so on, until 4 things have been won.
  7. When a new shirt is up, the contest is closed!  This means you have about a day to put your name in!
  8. We’ll announce winners here, and coordinate prizes in whatever way is easiest.

We are giving away these things!

Group AGroup A

Six Handmade Scandinavian Felt Ornaments

These have a sparkle to them!

Group BGroup B

Six Handmade Scandinavian Felt Ornaments

Olive Green and Red!

Group CGroup C

Six Handmade Scandinavian Felt Ornaments

A Mixture of Regular and Sparkle

Silver and BlackSilver and Black Chainmaille Bracelet

in your choice of Small, Medium or Large

All made by me, Cori!

Here’s my online shop for more bracelets and jewelry!

Thank you for supporting and reading our blog for 300 shirts!  Unless you just came for free things.  That’s cool, too.  We often talk about doing more give-aways, so stay tuned!

And we’re not done yet!


11 comments on “#300 – It’s Easy Being Green”

  1. I really like the bread shirt. Skotte wears it often when we go to Cons and it’s my favorite. I don’t really need free things I just wanted to let you know which shirt was my favorite. ^_^

    • Thanks, Alana! It’s a pretty great shirt.

      For some reason, when he wears it, I want to make a sandwich by smushing against his shirt, which sounds weird, and is probably even weirder to do. Maybe I shouldn’t say this out loud. 😀

      The bread is just so real looking!

      Unless you meant a different bread shirt – which would be embarrassing. Skotte does love bread!

      Anyway, Thanks again!

      ~ Cori

  2. Which One shirt is my favorite? Egads! That is a difdicult one! I think I’ve been following the avalanche since about #240 or so. Lots of goodness in there! Plus just shirts I’ve seen him wear. I don’t suppose the lab coat counts? Heh. Love that. Reminds me of fun gaming/con times!

    As a Complete aside…. how do you Store all these shirts? And do you organize them in any way?

    All the best!


  3. I think each day the newest shirt is my favorite!

  4. Sooo hard to choose just one favorite. I did run across #258 a couple times while I was looking at the archives and it amuses me with the spices and the Coriander and that it’s about that time of the year. So that’s my vote for today.

  5. I favor the Ante Christ apparel.

    • I also really dig the ante christ shirt. =) I always fFeel a little fFunny wearing it tho. I’m not sure if I’m actually going to offend anyone. And, ultimately, I try to not be an actual callous jerk. But it’s a great shirt! ~Skotte

  6. Rerouting this comment!

    I liked the octopus shirt yellow cause it was bright reminds me of sunny days and it looks happy. Grace

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