#321 – Colors of a Feather


Dec 12 2013

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Focal Length:30mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3100

This shirt makes me feel so happy.

Birds, colors, art, cliches… I love them all!

We have been getting stuff out of storage little by little. The arm warmers Skotte’s wearing (ok, leg warmers) were rediscovered. Our last apartment was so cold that I bought these to wear on my arms under sweaters. It was freezing!

Maddie was very happy to catch Skotte’s attention before work. The dogs have learned that when Skotte puts his shoes on, they must create as much ruckus as possible. No amount of distraction, soothing, or treats will dissuade them from their pursuit of chaos!

Luckily, they are currently curled up, quietly sleeping.

Ah, silence.


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