#339 – A True Player


Jan 20 2014

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Focal Length:45mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3100

Live long and prosper!

This shirt made me laugh so much that I had to get it AND a tote bag with the same on it. The tote is our bag of holding – for character sheets!

I have come to realize that I look best in pictures when I am smiling. Skotte has been telling me this for years, but I didn’t really believe him. Sure, occasionally I can pull of a different facial expression, but smiles are the best for me! It’s good exercise for the face, amiright?

Confession time: I am fairly new to rpgs.

Explanation:  I have been an rpg dabbler for the past decade or so, but after some bad experiences, I decided it wasn’t for me. I didn’t begrudge Skotte playing (much!) because it brought him much joy. Our closest friends are the people he gamed with, and I like having friends!

I do count my World of Warcraft playing as rpging, because I felt like for the first time, Dungeons & Dragons was brought to life before my eyes. Racial and class bonuses started to make more sense. I learned what Tank & Spank meant. Soon, I was chanting LEEEEROOOOOY JENKIIIIIINS! and trying to kill massive amounts of dragons with my warlock fireballs.

About a year ago last November, I decided to give D&D (ok, it’s a Pathfinder game, shhh!)  a try again when one of the women in the group invited me to come hang out.  It was fun to see everyone. I decided to go back the next week. After that, I basically took it one week at a time. After Christmas, I got sick and missed a bunch of sessions. This turned into a “relapse.”  I didn’t go back until after my dad passed away. In August, I knew I needed to have more social interaction or I would go crazy. I wanted to resume playing the “Red Sonja”esque character I had inherited! Hack & Slash all the way for her!

I have read a lot about D&D and other gaming genres during the past decade. Even though I haven’t played a lot, I have absorbed a lot of information from webcomics, blogs, Skotte, Rogue Princess Squadron, and rpg books. I do still have to ask constantly, “Now, what dice do I roll?”

And, I still want to try a Vampire game. (Hint, Hint!)

Someday, Skotte will have to talk about his adventure into rpgs!


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