#348 – Snakes on a Plane

Skotte got this shirt at Hot Topic just before the movie came out.

One of the turning points in my life when I went from child to adult was seeing Pulp Fiction when it first came out. The circumstances were certainly part of it. I went to college 1300 miles away from home. Before this day, I was kind of afraid of boys. Most of my friends were female and I was excruciatingly shy.

One of the violists in my string quintet invited me to see Pulp Fiction with him and some of his friends. I had never heard of Pulp Fiction before, but I loved going to the movies. Before this day, I had seen maybe a handful of movies in a theater. I said, “Yes!”

It wasn’t a date, mind. I was just invited along. As it turns out, it was my violist friend, his roommate from England, and at least 3 other guys. We all piled into my friend’s car, which was a tight squeeze. They let me sit in the front without having to yell out Shotgun! (It would probably be another few months before I learned that one.) We all trekked to the movies to have our minds blown by the awesomeness that is Pulp Fiction. These were my first grown up male friends, and they changed my life.

The movie was my first exposure to Samuel L. Jackson. And I am so glad, because he is an incredible actor!

Skotte and I have followed his career over the past 16 years. Whether it was the writers or marketing geniuses or simply the awesome that is Samuel L. Jackson saying his lines, it’s pretty safe to say that even today lots of people are aware of Snakes on a Plane and that Samuel L. Jackson says some memorable lines in it.


Click the picture! (NSFW – there’s cussin’ in there! OooOooOoh!)

One more thing – as much as I love “Sammy,” I have never actually seen this movie, because…



I will see it someday though. I HAVE seen Arachnophobia and it didn’t kill me. 😀


2 comments on “#348 – Snakes on a Plane”

  1. Coming to America was my first R rated movie in the theaters. That was my first experience to Samuel L Jackson. 🙂

    • How fun! What a first R rated movie to see. I don’t remember him in it – I’m going to have to watch it again soon. I think I’ve only seen it once, at least a decade ago by now. ~Cori

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