#354 – DUDE

It’s March!  That means it’s time fFor Skotte to start wearing all pi shirts all the time!!!  But hey, what’s Cori wearing?

We really enjoyed the TV show LOST.  This shirt is done in the style of those Obama HOPE posters.

We were gonna have Cori pose with a Backgammon set, …


but we couldn’t seem to fFind the backgammon set.

Then we were thinking of maybe a Senet set …


but honestly, it’s like that guy just made the rules up as he went along  =)

I am fFascinated by Senet, by the way.  It’s an ancient game that literally noone knows how to play.  The Egyptians took the rules with them when they died.  Some have suggested it’s not even an actual game.  Egyptologists have come up with rules that they think work, but some of the mechanics seem a little off, suggesting historians and gamers don’t think the same way about some things.  How interesting is that?

Anyway there’s a million cool games involving black and white pieces.  We decided to play the game GIPF, a game of pushing pieces into lines and capturing bystanders.  Also, peanut butter.

Here’s another shot of Cori, cos she’s so damn cute.



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