#56 – The Girl From Ipanema, Brazil


May 08 2011

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Happy Mother’s Day!

The woman in the shirt always reminds Cori of Mother Nature, which is appropriate for today.

Skotte snagged this particular shirt from our friendly Crocodile when she moved across country to be with her love.

The text on the shirt says Ipanema, Brazil.

Is there a background story from the Croccy about the shirt?

Skotte loves it for the design and especially the texture of the embroidery and beading.

We asked a few days ago which shirts were your favorites from the past 50 posts.  Today’s shirt is a particular favorite shirt for Skotte.  Some of the other favorites were the mermaid shirt, the dandy lion shirt, and the Rochester Subway Token shirt.

2 comments on “#56 – The Girl From Ipanema, Brazil”

  1. […] But, y’see, he was very accepting of our weirdness.  We have these ridiculous hobbies, like collecting hundreds of T-shirts.  He was always supportive, and never especially judgmental.  He basically named the T-shirt avalanche, when a pile of shirts fFell over and made a big crash.  He would participate in our madness, even if he didn’t quite understand it.  He bought this shirt fFor Skotte last Christmas (probably fFrom K-mart, we’re not sure).  We think he wanted to provide a nice companion to shirt #56 “The Girl From Ipanema.“ […]

  2. No backstory to that shirt, I just loved the colors!! 🙂

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