#275 – Brazil

Cori’s dad passed away a couple months ago.

That’s a terrible way to start a shirt post.

But, y’see, he was very accepting of our weirdness.  We have these ridiculous hobbies, like collecting hundreds of T-shirts.  He was always supportive, and never especially judgmental.  He basically named the T-shirt avalanche, when a pile of shirts fFell over and made a big crash.  He would participate in our madness, even if he didn’t quite understand it.  He bought this shirt fFor me last Christmas (probably fFrom K-mart, we’re not sure).  We think he wanted to provide a nice companion to shirt #56 “The Girl From Ipanema.

Although we mostly have a lot of silly, strange or in some way meaningful shirts, and this one isn’t all that special on its own, it means a lot to us.


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