#62 – Jesus Lizard


May 15 2011

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This shirt is from 6 Dollar Shirts.

The trees are in bloom!!  Isn’t it lovely!  =)

Cori thinks it’s cool how Jesus is riding an epic mount from World of Warcraft!  Cori’s head is permanently lodged in WoW, it would seem.

“Jesus Was Way Cool” by King Missile

Everybody liked Jesus
Everybody wanted to hang out with him
Anything he wanted to do, he did
He turned water into wine
And if he wanted to
He could have turned wheat into marijuana
Or sugar into cocaine
Or vitamin pills into amphetamines

He walked on the water
And swam on the land
He would tell these stories
And people would listen
He was really cool

He could’ve played guitar better than Hendrix
He could’ve told the future
He could’ve baked the most delicious cake in the world
He could’ve scored more goals than Wayne Gretzky
He could’ve danced better than Barishnikov
Jesus could have been funnier than any comedian you can think of
Jesus was way cool

3 comments on “#62 – Jesus Lizard”

  1. To bad he was alliance.

  2. […] to have a collection of shirts of interesting characters riding exotic beasts/machines, such as Jesus Lizard, Samstrich, The Walrus and the Bicycle, and more that haven’t been posted […]

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