#63 – Samstrich


May 17 2011

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This is from 6 Dollar Shirts.

Look, another shirt with a guy riding on a fancy mount!

This guy could have come straight out of Labyrinth, the movie.


“I want to be introduced as “Calvin, boy of destiny. But you have to say it right, pause a little after “boy,” and say “Destiny” a bit slower and deeper for emphasis. Say it, “Boy… Of Dessstiny, ” Like that!”

“I wish you had some cymbals to crash after you said it.”

– Calvin and Hobbes

One comment on “#63 – Samstrich”

  1. […] collection of shirts of interesting characters riding exotic beasts/machines, such as Jesus Lizard, Samstrich, The Walrus and the Bicycle, and more that haven’t been posted […]

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