#84 – Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville

Cori here.

This is one of my favorite black and white photographs, taken by Robert Doisneau in 1950 for Life Magazine.  I bought this shirt as a gift for Skotte from the gift shop at the George Eastman House.

The photograph reminds me of the kiss at our wedding.  We wanted something spontaneous (although we practiced), something unique, and something that reflected our relationship.  Here is what happened.

When I think of Skotte, I think that Home is where the Heart is, and my heart is with Skotte’s always.  I also think about how life with Skotte is always full of hope, no matter what happens.  Together, we are able to accomplish things that alone would be so much more difficult.

In general, we buy shirts for ourselves (or have received them as gifts) that we really enjoy.  Many of them signify or represent something in pop culture that we love, and sharing them allows us to discuss all sorts of related topics.

This shirt is all about LOVE for me. Here is a poem I wrote for Skotte.

The Kiss

We spent the evening being fixed up by friends.
Sometimes I thought it would never end.
Trying to find out how you felt,
Subtlety became a joke.

You make me laugh, I feel special inside.
Talking to you is so easy, I have no reason to hide.

And when you kissed me, it was a surprise.
And when you kissed me, it made me smile.
It wasn’t smooth, or even long.
Just a peck and then you were gone.
But in all its awkwardness, I reflect,
That is what made it perfect.

Written 10/11/2007 by Cori Anders


This was originally going to be posted on the day that Daisy passed away.  Instead, I present it here on our 13th anniversary!

I love you, Skotte!

2 comments on “#84 – Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville”

  1. Happy anniversary, guys. I love you!

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