#120 – Founding Fathers


Aug 03 2011

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The shirt reads “What if our Founding Fathers had Failed their Constitution Check?”  This exceptionally nerdy shirt usually needs some explanation in most crowds.  So, to explain the joke: In games like Dungeons and Dragons, you have assorted attributes, like wisdom, dexterity, constitution, and so on.  When playing the game and you need to see if you have a measured success or not, you could talk your way out of it by describing some amazing ability, or, just roll some dice.  Making a dice-roll would be a “check.”  Can you arm wrestle the long-shoreman?  Make a Strength check.  Can you withstand this blistering cold wind?  Make a Contitution check.  And so on.

This, therefore, lends itself nicely to the joke about our Founding Fathers, writing The Constitution, and having to make a check.  Well, what would have happened if they had failed?

Joke: Explained!!

The book Skotte is holding is the Hackmaster Player’s Handbook, signed by Gary Gygax.  It’s a very treasured thing.  Gary was an amzing guy.  I only met him once, but he was truly an inspiration in a way that few others can claim.  We miss you, sir.

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